Barbados v England

In the battle to be crowned winners of Group D it was England who came out on top, cruising past Barbados with a comfortable 71-22 win. 
But Barbados didn't go down without a fight. They worked well in the defensive circle and snatched most of England's missed shots, converting them into opportunities for themselves. 
Yet it was as the ball was worked down the court where it fell apart for the Bajans. Inaccurate passing and misjudged balls allowed England to earn back possession. Barbados head coach Sandra Bruce-Small was disappointed. 
"I expected a much better fight from my girls. We were definitely hoping to win."
England went from strength to strength as the game progressed and really pressured the Bajans possession, resulting in three second calls that turned the ball back in England's favour.
"We were expecting a really tough game." Colette Thompson, England's head coach, explained,  "We know Barbados are a very talented side and we were looking to step up which I think we did today."
Now both teams are through to the final eight, and this is where it really kicks off. Even after today's defeat, Sandra Bruce- Small is still determined.
"This is no way near over. Now we've got to fight for the highest position we can get."
After today's performance England are looking on track to content for those all important medals, but they face South Africa next in the quarter finals- their biggest challenge yet.
Editorial courtesy Farah Hasan, Planet Netball
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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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