Cayman Islands v Samoa


Samoa ensure their 9th-16th place by beating the Cayman Islands 74-24. 

First time entrants The Cayman Islands got off to a shaky start, and Samoa took advantage of the situation to gain an early lead of 14 goals to 7 by the first break. 

The Cayman Islands worked the ball well down the court, securing it into the circle, but it was the shooters who let them down today. They couldn't quite sink the shots, leaving the Samoan defence to pick up the rebounds.  Samoa anticipated the pass well which resulted in excellent tips for the team as they continued to steam ahead. 

"We were expecting a very tough game - this is the team that beat Scotland and Scotland beat us." Explained Cayman Islands head coach Gillian Lee.

On asking about their remaining fixtures she said, "It'll be totally different opposition. It'll be a matter of us keeping our heads about us and our standard high against some hopefully weaker opposition." 

For Samoa it's all about beating their previous finish in 2009 of 11th. But coach Patricia Wilcox isn't being phased by the next stage of the competition. 

"Were going to have a look at who we're facing next but we're really going to focus on our own game."

 Editorial courtesy Farah Hasan, Planet Netball

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It's the been an amazing 10 days @WYNC, lots of memories and friends made. Congrats New Zealand who are WYNC Champs!

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