Papua New Guinea v Republic of Ireland


Papua New Guinea earned a place in the middle eight pushing the Republic Of Ireland into the playoffs for 17th place. 

The Irish tried hard to block their passes and interrupt flow, but they eventually succumbed 16-77.

Papua New Guinea had the better start, and it was eight minutes into the game before Republic of Ireland managed to score, by which time their opponents had already notched up 10 points. 

Half time arrived and Papua lead by 34 goals. The game was already in the bag, so coach Margaret Opina took the opportunity to shuffle her pack and made three positional changes.

On came Marypaul Buehler who shot an impressive 13 from 15 in the second half. 

Ireland put up a good fight but the lack of experience was massively evident. They made numerous basic errors such as footwork and not setting penalties, but they never let their heads drop, and with courage and determination kept strong and motivated all the way through.

It was a comfortable win for Papua New Guinea, though they didn't perhaps play to their full potential, knowing the score was well in their favour.

Editorial courtesy Harriet Millard, Planet Netball

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