Trinidad & Tobago v New Zealand


 New Zealand sped out of the blocks and with quick and concise passing in the first half of the game, beat Trinidad 77-16 at the final whistle.

The win puts them in a favourable position for the quarter finals, as they will face the loser of the Wales/Jamaica game later on, whilst Trinidad will face the winner, but Coach Janine Southby said the side would focus on their own game as both Wales and Jamaica were "quality teams". 

The fast paced first quarter saw New Zealand at their best so far in Glasgow, and this was reflected in the score of 24 goals to 6, though Southby said the side is still improving.

"We're still not where we really need to be, and we know that we've got more to give."

Trinidad made changes at quarter time including moving strong shooter Samantha Wallace down the court to GK, where she was effective in defending goal. New Zealand were slowed slightly, and Wallace was particularly forceful in the third session against New Zealand's shooters Malia Paseka and Brooke Leaver.

Grace Parkinson-Griffith said Wallace was part of a plan to quell New Zealand's scorers. 

"We were prepared to take our shooter out of attack, and put her into defence to limit their goals."  

New Zealand didn't adapt well to the pressure and for 15 minutes only managed to add 13 points to their total. 


by is confident moving forward to the quarter finals.

"We need to keep getting better at what we do really well and thats been the focus all the way."

Editorial courtesy Harriet Millard, Planet Netball.

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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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