Fiji v Papua New Guinea


It was the battle of the Pacific as Fiji took on Papua New Guinea to see who would win a 9th to 12th placing, and it was Fiji who emerged as victors, after a positive first quarter saw them leading 20-10. 
They used an effective range of passes to negotiate around Papua New Guinea and safely control it to their shooters. 
Papua New Guinea's shooters had good circle movement, but they weren't given enough opportunities to bring the teams level. They contested the ball well but it was Fiji who saw the openings in the game and used them to their advantage to win 60-48.
"We are focusing on maintaining our 9th position." Said Fijian Head Coach Unaisi Rokoura, "It's important that for every game onwards from today we can maintain and be consistent."
Even after their defeat Papua New Guinea are still looking hopeful to achieve their aim.
"We were 16th last time so I  hope we go up to 15th place now." Revealed Papua New Guineas captain Margret Eka. 


Editorial courtesy Farah Hasan, Planet Netball
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Papua New Guinea Captain Margaret Eka

Fijian Captain Raijieli Daveua

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