Bermuda v Trinidad and Tobago


Bermuda and Trinidad & Tobago played an intensely physical game on court one, with the Trinidadians coming out winners, scoring 47 goals to Bermuda's 31.

Both sides showed fight and determination from the outset, and it was Bermuda who just claimed the first quarter eight goals to seven.

Trinidad's athleticism and agility was a winning component in the game and for the remainder of the match, they played with agility and speed, leading to the overall win.

Shortly after the second quarter whistle, they turned the lead around, and won the second quarter by eight goals, but Bermuda were still within reach at the main break, trailing 15-22.

Trinidad retained their lead, and by using some loopy high feeds to their shooters, they supplied plenty of ball for the pair to convert. 

Captain Jaylynn Hines shot an impressive 93%, with her partner Danielle Onyia shooting 79%, whilst Bermuda's collective effort totalled 57%. 

Reflective of the game, the final score showed a fairly close encounter, but one which both teams will take valuable experience from.

Bermudan Coach Grace Parkinson-Griffith was positive about the performance and described how the team were mentally going to approach the games ahead.

"Be pressuring, be aggressive, we're going to go out there and fight hard for a win."

Editorial courtesy Harriet Millard, Planet Netball

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Trinidadian Coach Grace Parkinson-Griffith

Bermudan Captain Jaylynn Hines​

Bermudan Coach Gina Benjamin​

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