New Zealand v Malta


Another victory goes under the belt for the New Zealanders, but maybe not quite in the style they would've liked.
A shaky performance from New Zealand could cast doubt over their gold medal ambitions.

Throughout the game they made trivial mistakes in their play, giving Malta easy possession of the ball. It wasn't their normal polished look as the attack struggled at times to get the ball to the circle.

"We got lazy at times and didn't do what we needed to do" said Head Coach, Janine Southby.

Foot work errors and poor passing all gave Malta the chances they needed, but it was New Zealand's pure athleticism that kept them afloat coupled with inaccurate shooting from the Maltese.

The Goal Attacks from both teams played well- Te Paea Selby-Ricket from New Zealand put in some good long range shots and NadiaTurban of Malta created space for herself to move into, ensuring the ball made it into their circle.

A final score of 94-6 should satisfy New Zealand for now, but they need to do more if they want to seriously contend for that all important final.

Editorial courtesy Farah Hasan, Planet Netball
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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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