Republic of Ireland vs Barbados


Barbados set out their stall for the championships, beating the Republic of Ireland 84 goals to 5.

In their first game of the tournament Barbados put on a dynamic performance against the Irish. 

The Republic of Ireland struggled to get free on the centre pass as the Bajans dominated the mid court. They made some impressive interceptions and tips that all worked to their advantage.  

The athleticism of Barbados allowed them to work the ball around Ireland, and good shooting converted those efforts onto the score board. 

"Everyone was able to use our attacking and defensive strategies" said a pleased Barbados Head Coach, Sandra Bruce-Small, "but in the next game I expect them to do better." 

Ireland did good short sharp passing out of defence, but it broke down in the transition to attack.

Despite their loss today, Ireland's Head Coach Rhian Humphreys is still positive. 

"We'll take the lessons learnt from this game, build on it, and hopefully come out with a good result."

Editorial courtesy Farah Hasan, Planet Netball.

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Wed, 18 Jun 2014 9:00 AM
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