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How to stay healthy and where to go for advice if you need it

Stay Healthy

Glasgow Life and Glasgow City Council are trying to make the city a healthier place for everyone who lives here and it is especially important that children are fit and healthy.

If you are healthy you will look and feel good. You will also have lots of energy meaning you will perform better in class and at sports.

Your school will already have lots of ways to keep you well and these include:

  • Fruit Plus: Where you are given a piece of fresh fruit everyday day in school
  • Refresh: Which lets you have freshly chilled water all day from the coolers in your school.
  • Glasgow’s Big Breakfast: If you come along before the start of school you will get a free, tasty breakfast.
  • Fuel Zone: Where you can buy a range of delicious and healthy food at lunch time.
  • Pick-n-Mix: Available when you have a school lunch. As well as your main meal you can have as many healthy snacks (like fruit, vegetables, soup, milk, bread and yoghurts) as you wish. 

If you are looking for general support or advice on nutrition then you can visit the 

nutritionist resource website for further information.

Support & Advice

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