GYSC Fair Processing Notice


Glasgow Young Scot Card
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GYSC Fair Processing Notice

Glasgow Young Scot Glasgow Kidz Card

How we will use and store your information 

1. Information you provide on the application form will be used by Culture and Sport Glasgow to produce your card, and to replace your card if necessary.

2. For applicants who attend Glasgow City Council Schools, the details you provide on the form will be checked for accuracy against records held by Glasgow City Council and Culture and Sport Glasgow. Your details may also be updated (e.g. if you change address) from these records.

3. Providing us with your email address is not mandatory, but it will enable us to send you information about new offers, services and competitions electronically.

4. Your details may be passed on to the Young Scot organisation to allow them to maintain their own membership database, and Glasgow City Council for the purposes indicated below in paragraphs 5, 6 and 7.

5. Your details may be used by Culture and Sport Glasgow and Glasgow City Council to provide you with services. For a full and current list of services provided with the Glasgow Young Scot Card pages on this website

6. From time to time, Culture and Sport Glasgow and/or Glasgow City Council and/or Young Scot may send you details of offers, news and events. If you do not want to receive such details, there is a box for you to tick on page 5 of the application form.

7. We would like to share your personal details with departments and agents of Glasgow City Council, other Scottish Councils and the Scottish government to create
what is known as your “Citizen’s Account”. (You can choose not to activate your Citizen’s Account, in which case future services will need to be applied for separately,
in person, each time.)

The benefits of this to you are to:

• ensure that your personal details are correct and kept up-to-date wherever these bodies hold them
• save us repeatedly asking you for the same information, and documents, when you apply for new services
• help us to identify other public services that you may be eligible for now
• allow us to contact you automatically if you become eligible for new services in the future.

We need your permission to share your details to do all this. If you do not wish your details to be used in this way, other than processing your application for a new Glasgow Young Scot Card/National Entitlement Card, please tick the box above the Declaration on page 5. If you don’t enable us to share your details you will receive
your new Glasgow Young Scot Card (including discounted travel - for 16 to 18 year olds only), but future services will need to be applied for separately.

8. You are able to revoke your data sharing status at any time. Your Citizen’s Account is created to administer the card. You may choose to activate it at a later stage to use local and national online services without having to provide your details for each service, providing you have agreed to data share. Citizen’s Accounts can last for a lifetime though they can remain dormant.

9. The ‘more about you’ questions on page 7 are voluntary. We do need the date of birth, gender and post data on page 3 to process your card. This information will help us to monitor our equal opportunities policy and to improve the way we target our resources. It will be used for generating statistical information only, to show general trends/patterns in card ownership.

10. All processing of your details by Culture and Sport Glasgow, Glasgow City Council and Young Scot is carried out in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you are entitled to access the information held. Applications for data held by Culture and Sport Glasgow can be made to:

Glasgow Young Scot Card,
Glasgow Life, 220 High Street, Glasgow G4 0QW

For the person signing the back of the photograph, and completing their details under the Photo Referee Declaration, Culture and Sport Glasgow need to collect this
information to verify the identity of the person endorsing the photograph: the information provided may be used to contact you at your employer’s address, to ensure that the information in this section is correct and that you know the person applying for a Glasgow Young Scot Card. The information provided in the Photo Endorsement Section will not be used for any other purposes.

*Glasgow Life and the sub-brands below are operating names of Culture and Sport Glasgow (CSG). CSG is a company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland with
company number SC313851 and having its registered office at 220 High Street, Glasgow G4 0QW. CSG is registered as a charity with the office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (No SC037844). It operates and carries out its activities under the
name Glasgow Life and/or the sub-brands Glasgow Arts, Glasgow Communities, Glasgow Music, Glasgow Events, Glasgow Libraries, Glasgow Museums, Glasgow Sport, Young Glasgow and their related branding. Glasgow Life delivers cultural and leisure services on behalf of Glasgow City Council.

May 2012, Issue 7

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