Scottish Independance Referendum

Scottish Independance Referendum

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Make sure you do not lose your chance to vote in next year’s Scottish Independence Referendum. If you are 16 or older on 18 September 2014, you are eligible to vote.

Because of new legislation introduced for the referendum, 16 and 17 year olds can vote in this referendum for the first time, but you need to be registered ​– you can’t just turn up on the day!

In order to vote, your name must be on the Register of Young Voters. A Young Voter Registration Form has been sent to all households in Glasgow, please make sure you fill this in and return it and you will be able to vote in the Independence Referendum. 

If you are not on the Register of Young Voters you will not be able to vote.  The form should be returned as soon as possible to ensure you are included. 

This referendum will affect the future of Scotland and your own future, so please don’t miss out. Every vote counts so your vote could make a difference to the outcome. 

Students living away from home can register at both their family home and their student accommodation. 

For more information or if you have any questions, you can phone 0141 287 4444 or visit the website​

You can also write to the Electoral Registration Office, PO Box 15311, Glasgow, G4 7DL. 

Take part in your country’s future by registering your vote without delay. Your vote is your voice. 

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