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Aye Write! Programmer Bob McDevitt shares his top 10 for 2019

Home Arts, Music and Cultural Venues

Aye Write! Programmer Bob McDevitt shares his top 10 for 2019

On the first day of Aye Write! 2019, with authors and ticket holders arriving at the beautiful Mitchell Library or walking up the grand steps of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, we sat down with Aye Write’s exceptional programmer Bob McDevitt to get his top must-see events at this year’s festival.

 1.Gina Miller More info 
Thursday 14 March at 7.45pm – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
As we find ourselves trapped in the seemingly never ending nightmare that is the Brexit negotiation I’m very much looking forward to this talk by the articulate and courageous Gina Miller based on her book Rise. She’ll discuss her historic court case, but also her life leading up to it and how her life has changed since.

2. Kenney Jones More info 
Saturday 16 March at 3pm – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
As a big music fan, I’m excited to be welcoming some Mod royalty to Glasgow in the shape of Kenney Jones, drummer with The Small Faces, The Faces and latterly The Who. Kenny’s book gives us a unique, ‘I was there’ look at the rock scene in the 1960s and 1970s – I’m sure he’ll have a tale or two to tell!

3. Kate Donne More info 
Saturday 16 March at 8pm – The Mitchell Theatre
In amongst the book readings and panel discussion each year, I always try to find something a bit different and this year we have this special theatrical adaptation of Kate Donne’s Gorbals-set trilogy of novels. Featuring a cast of professional actors and drama students, this production will bring to life the back courts and single ends of Gorbals life.

4. Charlie Connelly More info
Sunday 17 March at 1.15pm – The Mitchell Library
Author of one of my favourite non-fiction books, Attention All Shipping, Charlie Connelly returns with Last Train to Hilversum. A love letter to radio, and an exploration of our enduring passion for a medium which is thriving in our digital age despite competition from many fronts, this is a must for fans of the transistor!

5. Beth Gardner & Fred Pearce  More Info
Sunday 17 March at 8pm – The Mitchell Library
I had the pleasure of chairing Fred’s event at the Edinburgh Book Festival this year and found him to be a passionate and committed campaigner on climate change. He is joined at this session by Beth Gardner and together they will outline the struggles we face to secure the most basic essentials for life – air and water.

6. Paul Conroy & Ed Gorman More info
Saturday 23 March at 4.45pm – The Mitchell Library
The past few years have seen the profession of journalism beset by falling circulations, scandals such as the phone-hacking trials and the accusation of ‘fake news’ coming from the current occupant of The White House. There are still, however, brave and selfless souls who will literally put their lives on the line to report stories from the most dangerous and corrupt places on earth, and Ed and Paul certainly fall into this category.

7. Louise Candlish & Lisa Ballantyne More Info

Saturday 23 March at 3pm – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
One of the most intriguing books I’ve read in a while is Our House by Louise Candlish, which takes a genuinely frightening premise and works it up into a twisty-turny plot that keeps you furiously trying to work it out right until the last page. She’ll be appearing with the Scottish thriller writer Lisa Ballantyne, author of Little Liar.

8. Prof Sue Black and Dr Richard Shepherd More info
Sunday 24 March at 8pm – The Mitchell Theatre
I was lucky enough to be in the audience for Sue & Richard’s event at Bloody Scotland last year and was amazed by their great stories and by how much humour they could squeeze out of two lifetimes worth of forensic examinations and gruesome crime scenes. They are great friends and regular collaborators, and their chemistry on stage is terrific.

9. Beerjacket More Info
Friday 29 March at 7.45pm – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
One of the most beautifully produced books this year comes with a 12-track CD included, featuring the songs that work as a companion to the stories contained in the book. The writer (and song-writer) will bring the book and CD to life at this special event.

10. Ian McEwan  More info
Tuesday 23rd April at 6.30pm – The Mitchell Theatre
Ian McEwan is one of the most critically acclaimed authors of his generation, and we are so pleased that the author of Atonement, Enduring Love and On Chesil Beach, among many others, will be here to talk about his brand new novel Machines Like Me at this post-festival launch event.