Draft Gaelic Arts Plan

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Draft Gaelic Arts Plan

Gaelic Arts

Plana Ealain Ghàidhlig 2010 - 2014

Mar phàirt den Phlana Gàidhlig aig Comhairle Baile Ghlaschu tha Glaschubeò ag ullachadh Plana Ealain Ghàidhlig agus a comharrachadh maoineachadh agus goireasan a chumas taic ris. 12mh Ògmhios 2010 aig Talla Rìoghail Ghlaschu rinn Glaschubeò co-chomhairle fosgailte air an ro-innleachd. Bha seo air a frithealadh le com-pàirtichean bho Ghlaschu agus air feadh Alba – lethid pàrantan, luchd na h-ealain agus an roinn ealain anns a bhaile.

Tha sinn air gabhail ri ur beachdan ‘s ur molaidhean uile agus tha sinn air an cur ris an sgrìobhainn againn a tha a’ tighinn gu bith. Tha am Plana Ealain Ghàidhlig (dreach) ri fhaotainn airson tuilleadh bheachdan agus mholaidhean a thional air www.glasgowlife.org.uk bho Diluain 5mh Iuchair gu 30mh Iuchair 2010.  Tha sibh di-beathte cumail a’ cur ri Planadh nan Ealan Ghàidhlig airson a’ bhaile seo gus dèanamh cinnteach à plana làidir foghainteach agus tha sinn a’ cur fàilte air fiosrachadh air ais bhuaibh.


Gaelic Arts Plan 2010 - 2014

As part of Glasgow City Council’s Gaelic Language Plan, Glasgow Life are developing a Gaelic Arts Strategy and identifying  funding streams and infrastructure to support it.  On June 12th 2010 at Glasgow Royal Concert hall, Glasgow Life hosted an open consultation event on the strategy.  This was attended by national and city wide partners and all key Gaelic Arts stakeholders in the city – including parents, arts attendees and the wider arts sector in the city.
We have taken all your comments and suggestions on board and have added them to our draft plan.  The (draft) Gaelic Arts Plan is available for further comment and opinion gathering on www.glasgowlife.org.uk from Monday 5th July until 30th July 2010.  Please feel free to keep contributing to our Gaelic Arts Planning for the city as this will ensure a strong and robust plan and we welcome your feedback.
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