Dialogue Youth (MSYP's)

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Dialogue Youth (MSYP's)

dialogue youth

Dialogue Youth / Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament

Dialogue Youth (DY) focuses on young people’s role in the wider society and their voice within the community.

Each of Glasgow Life’s Area teams has at least one youth worker to support the Dialogue Youth agenda and give support to the Area’s Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs).

During election times the DY workers support all the local candidates and assist in arranging hustings, other election events and liaise with their team’s schools youth worker to ensure that candidates have access to schools and other venues to support the election process.

Once elected MSYPs are supported by their local DY workers in their role as representatives of young people from the constituency.
DY workers also provide support to the meetings of all Glasgow’s MSYPs, which are held monthly, and facilitate their attendance at the quarterly sittings of the full Scottish Youth Parliament.    

In addition to their work with MSYPs, DY workers support a series of national and local initiatives designed to ensure that young people can effectively contribute to society and community.
For more information contact your local area office.
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