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Change Your World

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Change Your World


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Change Your World


Glasgow Concert Halls

Dates and times

Friday 5 October 2018
9:00AM - 6:00PM

Are you living life with health and vitality?

Do you feel like you need to make some changes in your life?

Has something difficult been thrown your way and you’re struggling to cope?

Maybe you want to overhaul your professional life and build confidence, resillience and leadership skills

If something about your life just feels off and you know you have more to offer then the Change Your World Conference is for you. Be inspired and learn from the best in the motivational world so you can live life with health and happiness and reach your full potential

Join the UK's leading motivational speakers at the Change Your World Conference on the 5th Oct 2018 at the Royal Concert Hall and learn how to:-

• Implement behaviours to transform your personal and professional life

• Transform your mental and physical health

• Manage stress effectively & become more resilient

• Create more meaningful and positive relationships.

• Lead a happier, more fulfilling life

Our Incredible line up of speakers are: -

Dr David Hamilton - The 5 side Effects of Kindness -

Dr Mark Williamson – Action for Happiness -

Jenny Campbell – The Resilience Engine -

Avigail Abarbanel - Fully Human Psychotherapy - -

Dr Alan Desmond - Devon Gut Doctor - -

Paula McGuire - Paulamusttryharder - -

Prof Nanette Mutrie - Director of Physical Activity Heath Research Centre

Suzy Beaumont – Founder of Change Your World -

Change Your World brings together the UK’s leading experts, coaches and motivational speakers to create a ripple effect of change for individuals, organisations and environments. At our life changing events we give you the tools to live a happier, more fulfilling life. And with a whole host of speakers, exhibitors and opportunities to build lasting connections, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for (and some things you never knew you needed). Change Your World will empower you to make positive changes and overhaul your physical and mental health, as well as your personal and professional life and start creating the life you really want to live.

It was Abraham Maslow who said, “What a person can be, they must be”. Our aim at Change Your World is to show you how to become your best self. 

The Change Your World Conference will also have up to 20 exciting exhibitors from many professions, including coaching, health and nutrition, finance, business, charities, wellness and holistic therapies. Change Your World is all about creating a ripple effect and ensuring that the inspiration and motivation that delegates experience during the day continues long after the event. By tapping in to the amazing range of support that our exhibitors offer, delegates will be sure to achieve all their goals.  

This Life changing Event is not to be missed. – Don’t miss out on our amazing buy one ticket, get second half price promotion – tickets are limited and sell fast - Full Details can be found at


If you have a service that can help people to make positive changes in their lives and would like to showcase them at Change Your World - please visit:


"When I discovered Change Your World, I was engulfed by one of the darkest shadows that I had ever known in my life. I was alive but only existing, not living. I watched the Change Your World conference through the live streaming package, and my world has been literally and figuratively transformed. An array of positive seeds were planted in my mind by Suzy and all of the other wonderful speakers. I have since continued to water and nurture those seeds with daily consistent practice in personal development. My life is now blossoming into something beautiful, and I feel truly grateful to be living. Thank-you so much." Amanda

"I had high expectations after last year’s event and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The speakers were all amazing but the 3 that stood out for me were yourself and how much more confident you were with public speaking than you were last year and how you’ve learnt to be yourself (you’re a big inspiration); secondly David Hamilton as he’s funny, loves his family and has some great advice (I’ve just been practising my Wonder Woman pose); thirdly Jan Roberts, he came across so well and I’m definitely going to do more reading on his stuff but for now I’m making ‘today a happy new day’ and also going to nourish my plant (David Reilly was also fascinating)." -Jane Campbell

"It's been over a week now since the Change Your World Conference. It's been a revelation, and unlike a lot of things I've attended before. I've been on numerous courses over the years in my role as a mental health nurse, but few have had any lasting merit, and none have compared to last Friday in the feel good stakes. Many of the people I work with would have got enormous benefit from attending, and I was disappointed that there was no NHS presence there. I will recommend that this is rectified next year. Change Your World should be made on prescription". Neil, Inverness

"Many thanks and congratulations on organising such a superb and inspirational conference. You really have done such an amazing job. Through telling your story and family experience you really set the tone in a very personal way and all the other speakers were excellent as well particularly David, Paula and Thubten and Neil's pink shoes were certainly eye-catching ! I attended the event with my team and while it was good to take a day away from work I left the event thinking what an excellent way to challenge us as individuals and as a team to think more positively and help us to refresh our approach at work. I appreciate it takes a huge amount of time, organising such an occasion and considerable personal investment but I do hope this could become a regular event and it is something we would be keen to attend again and will certainly spread the word. It was also good to wander round the stalls at break time. Many thanks again." Charlie, Inverness

"A week ago today I set out on my journey to Inverness filled with excitement and a little apprehension at the thought of going by myself even though I knew a few others going but hadn't really met them before. My apprehension didn't last long and so I fully immersed myself into this amazing event, jam packed with incredible speakers. Each one had the audience gripped and the whole day and evening just flowed on seamlessly. I can't thank Suzy enough for creating such a wonderful event and will definitely be attending again." - Kath Harold, East Kilbride

It was fantastic day and is having an impact already. Well done and thanks for organising! - Jane Campbell

"So, just over a week after the change your world event and I'm still digesting all of the amazing, inspirational speakers . Suzy's opening address was quietly powerful and I think showed the power in being vulnerable and set the feel of the day. The day whizzed by - Paula Maguire , David Hamilton ,Thubten , Vanessa ,Neil Shah - all food for thought . The friendly vibe made the whole day a joy to be a part of. Well done CYW Team - you smashed it. Looking forward to the next one xxx "- Jackie Hodges‎

"I had such a great day at Change tour World, such great speakers but one has literally got my heart today - I was literally holding back the tears, I could relate to nearly every word, please if you get the chance check her out - " -Ben Smith, The 401 Foundation

Fantastic day! Well done, Suzy and the excellent speakers. - Elaine Fetherston

"An amazing conference, really enjoyed hearing the struggles the speakers have gone through!" - Sandra

"Absolutely out of this world!" -

"Absolutely Fantastic, amazing speakers, met lovely like-minded people and would certainly go again" - Grace

"Fantastic conference with great motivational speakers. Totally resonated with Paula who has inspired me to keep going with my own journey! Will definitely attend the next one. Great conference for anyone who wants to change their world.......probably all of us! X" - Elisabeth Jackson

"The Change Your World conference was amazing and incredibly well organised . The speakers were fantastic, informative and entertaining. Great exhibitors too. I met some lovely people, some I already knew and some I met for the first time. The feedback I heard from them about the conference was so positive and full of enthusiasm. You must be so proud of what you have achieved. Well done. Looking forward to the next one". ☺ -Kev


Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

2 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3NY

Open tomorrow 10:00am - 6:00pm

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