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Duncan Barrett & Tim Tate

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Duncan Barrett & Tim Tate

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Duncan Barrett & Tim Tate

Aye Write

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Friday 15 March 2019
7:45PM - 8:45PM

Duncan Barrett and Tim Tate explore the impact Hitler had on Britain during the war.

In 1940, Britain stood perilously close to invasion. What would a British occupation have looked like? Duncan Barrett seeks the answer in Hitler’s British Isles, his book based on interviews with over a hundred of the Channel islanders who bore the full brunt of German Occupation.

Tim Tate’s Hitler’s British Traitors draws on hundreds of declassified official files to uncover the largely unknown history of the British traitors who were working on behalf of the enemy, along with a plot by well-connected British fascists to mount a coup d’etat which would have replaced the government with an authoritarian pro-Nazi regime.


The Mitchell Library

North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DN

Open tomorrow 9:00am - 8:00pm

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