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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Latest Information

Coronavirus - Latest Information
LIVE DOUBLE BILL: Lo Kindre & Alba G. Corral, Shoeg

LIVE DOUBLE BILL: Lo Kindre & Alba G. Corral, Shoeg


LIVE DOUBLE BILL: Lo Kindre & Alba G. Corral, Shoeg



Dates and times

Saturday 9 November 2019
9:00PM - 10:15PM

Presented as part of Sonica Glasgow 2019

Lo Kindre (UK) & Alba G. Corral (CAT/ES) - Live A/V

As Lo Kindre, the Glasgow-based, Irish-born musician Daniel Magee (winner of the 2018 SAMAs Electronic Music Award) makes dubby, cavernous music with an almost palpable sense of space to it, from its deep throbbing basslines and metronomic drum machine beats to its smears of echoing noise. In this one-off collaboration, Lo Kindre will push even further into experimentation and abstraction, while live visuals are provided by Alba G. Corral, whose organic projections, bristling with radiant colour and intricate geometry generated in part from drawings she makes live, form a thrilling counterpart to the hyponotic motorik groove of Magee’s music. 

Developed at a Cryptic Cove Park Residency
Supported by: Institut Ramon Llull & the Hugh Fraser Foundation

Shoeg (CAT/ES) - Container

‘This is muted, erratic and stylish, sometimes at the same time … Very highly recommended’ – Toneshift

Shoeg is sound and visual artist Carlos Martorell, who develops his own bespoke audiovisual tools for his work. In Container he sets out to investigate the symbiosis between the human and the technological: motion sensors capture Martorell’s movements and render them as 2-D forms in video projections. These disintegrated body parts are dismantled, manipulated and rebuilt in a whirling, restless process, accompanied by washes of glitch sound that suggest the bubbling and seething of some primordial soup. Making use of his own biometric data – but keeping the outcomes as his own property – Martorell also draws attention to less scrupulous ways in which we might give away or let others use our personal details.

Supported by: Institut Ramon Llull

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Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

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