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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Latest Information

Coronavirus - Latest Information
LIVE TRIPLE BILL: Line Katcho, Klara Lewis, Elías Merino& Tadej Droljc

LIVE TRIPLE BILL: Line Katcho, Klara Lewis, Elías Merino& Tadej Droljc


LIVE TRIPLE BILL: Line Katcho, Klara Lewis, Elías Merino& Tadej Droljc



Dates and times

Friday 8 November 2019
7:00PM - 8:30PM

Presented as part of Sonica Glasgow 2019

Line Katcho (QC/CA) - Immortelle

‘superb, nuanced and mastered’ – Le Devoir

Montréal’s Line Katcho makes work that addresses endurance and upheaval. At times of flux, what continuities can be maintained? Lithe, skittering, glitchy electronica, flecked with the half-heard cries of birds and chitter of insects, soundtracks a series of stunning visuals that hint at buildings left empty but intact after catastrophe, at environmental turmoil, and at the steady, indestructible truths of the earthly elements: mountains and the peaks of great waves, the flurrying of clouds, the flow of magma and dashes of lightning.

‘rigour, perfectionism, inspiration’ – La Press

Supported by: The Ministry of Culture in Québec & Québec Government Office, London

Klara Lewis (SE) - Live A/V

‘a gifted and thoughtful sound sculptress’ – The Quietus 

Swedish composer Klara Lewis performs live at Sonica, premiering brand new music. Her latest compositions are built around musical rhythms derived from such unlikely sources as the noises of food preparation and the found sounds of a Tuscan forest. From these minimal beginnings, Lewis builds up layer upon layer of ambient sound to create glittering, crystalline drone music. The human voice is never far from Lewis’s work, looping through her structural soundscapes to give them warmth and emotional texture, while projections show bands of vivid colour melting over and around her in ceaseless slow collapse as she works. 

Supported by: The Embassy of Sweden, London

Elías Merino (ES) & Tadej Droljc (SI) - Synspecies

Synspecies is a collaborative audiovisual venture between Spain’s Elías Merino and Slovenia’s Tadej Droljc. In this self-titled performance, the duo are inspired by dream visions, weird intuitions, sacred spaces and rites, as well as the harsh realities of nature’s workings. The distorted, almost-recognisable organic entities that occupy the beautiful monochrome world of Synspecies fight for territory, mate, mutate and reproduce – and are all the while prey to dramatic and unpredictable environmental shifts. Part science experiment, part philosophical treatise, Synspecies reminds us that viewed from far enough, our greatest struggles and triumphs may be reduced to microscopic irrelevance.

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Albert Drive, Glasgow, G41 2PE

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