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Susan Calman

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Susan Calman

Aye Write

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Monday 3 September 2018
6:30PM - 7:30PM

Comedian and broadcaster Susan Calman talks about her new book, Sunny Side Up.

It's a quick-stepping welcome back to Aye Write! for Susan Calman who danced her way across our screens and into our hearts for 10 weeks on Strictly Come Dancing, but how did this ability to find joy change her life?

Susan Calman's enthusiasm at being on Strictly was an inspiration to all of us. Cheer Up Love, Susan's first book, had a clear aim: to help people understand depression. Her new book Sunny Side Up has a similarly clear path: to persuade people to be kinder to each other and spread more joy.

These are extremely difficult and confusing times - people are cross and shouty. It's exhausting! So, her mission is simple. To get the nation to join her in not being negative. To bring back joy, kindness and community, to find that joy in the little things in life and defeat the hate and fear. This is her Calmanifesto of Happiness - bring on the joy!

'Be kind to yourself – read this book, keep it on your bedside table or on your Kindle - even Kindle has the word kind in it' Sandi Toksvig


Mitchell Theatre

North Street, Glasgow, G3 7EE