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Tiffany Watt Smith

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Tiffany Watt Smith

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Tiffany Watt Smith

Aye Write

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£10 (Transaction fees: £2 online, £2.50 by phone, free in person)
All ages
0141 353 8000
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Dates and times

Saturday 23 March 2019
6:30PM - 7:30PM
Schadenfreude – enjoying the pain and failures of others – is an all-too-familiar feeling. In a time of polarised politics, twitter trolls and ‘sidebars of shame’, it has never been more relevant. 

Recent studies have shown that we smile more at a rival’s loss than at our own success. But why can it be so much fun to witness another’s distress? And what, if anything, should we do about it? 

In Schadenfreude, Tiffany Watt Smith argues that rather than an emotional glitch, Schadenfreude can reveal profound truths about our relationships with others and our sense of who we are.


The Mitchell Library

North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DN

Open tomorrow 9:00am - 8:00pm

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