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High Performance Athletics Coach:

The foundations of the Athletics programme are built on the general principles of Long Term Athlete Development and late specialisation. Athletes are developed over a six year period at a rate that is most beneficial to them as individuals.

The aim of the programme is to ensure that all GSOS athletes develop to their full potential and become Fitter/Faster/Stronger. This will be accomplished by building on the fundamentals begun in S1/2, and by introducing specific workouts, in later years, to develop these attributes.

A Generic Programme is delivered to S1 and S2 athletes, who participate alongside sports pupils from the School of Sport’s four other sports, developing fundamental movement, conditioning and mobility skills. A multi-event approach completes the rest of the training programme for S1 and S2. The strengths and skills gained in the Generic/ Multi-event Programme are built on in the S3/4 programme.

An early Multi-event approach allows us to focus on late specialisation with athletes. S1/2 is an introductory phase, followed by an S3 transition stage, before specialisation begins in S4. The development of chosen event skills (specialisation) will be the focus in the final two years of the programme. All athletes are supported to develop at an individual rate and their programmes adjusted accordingly. Late entry pupils are assessed and placed into the programme at the appropriate level which reflects their stage of development and ability.

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