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Read For Life

Libraries mean so many things to so many people but one thing never changes - a library is a gateway to reading, learning and discovery, a trusted guide at the heart of our communities. 

We passionately believe that parents who engage their child in books and reading from an early age give their child the best start in life and opens doors to future learning and educational benefits. 

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

  1. ​​Make sure your child has their own library card, no child is too young, you can sign them up as soon as they are born!
  2. Ask your local library​ staff fo​​r guidance as to which books are most suitable for your child based on their age and abilities.
  3. Sign up for literacy related events and activities. We have loads from regular activites each week such as Bounce and Rhyme at your local library to Wee Write! Children's book festival and our annual Summer Reading Challenge.
  4. Make bedtime reading part of your routine, even just 5 minutes each night can develop a child's love of books. Check out our top 10 tips for bedtime reading​!
  5. Lead by example! Show your child that reading can be fun. If you show an interest in reading yourself and your child will respond and reap the benefits.​

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