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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Latest Information

Coronavirus - Latest Information

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We are living through an extraordinary period in history. At Glasgow City Archives, it’s our job to tell the story of the city and its people. Our history is a shared one, and we’re asking you to take part.

We’d like to encourage you, the people of Glasgow, to keep a diary of your experience, which we will preserve forever in the City Archives so that future generations can understand what we are living through.

How can I take part?

Just write! It can be in a paper journal or an electronic document; the important thing is just to get your thoughts down. Start off with a single line and see where it takes you.

Express yourself in whatever way you like. You can be creative and add drawings or pictures. Document how you feel, your routine and experiences. It doesn’t need to be big, grand thoughts: what did you eat, watch on Netflix, do for exercise? What changed for you personally and how did you feel about it? What bigger changes are you noticing as you go along? It is often the day-to-day minutiae that paints the most vivid picture.

There are absolutely no strict requirements for diarists – do what feels right. You won’t lose marks for spelling or grammar! We want this to be enjoyable for people taking part.

You can make it anonymous or personal. We’d ask you to keep in mind that your writing will be publicly accessible. Please think about any other people who might be mentioned in your diary and how they would feel about it.

Make sure that, whatever you are documenting, you follow official guidelines and keep yourself and others safe.

How do I share my diary with Glasgow City Archives?

Hold onto your diary for now, until the situation improves. We will announce further instructions when the time is right, but it will essentially involve either bringing your hard copy diaries to the City Archives in the Mitchell Library or sending them to us by email. We will then preserve the diaries as part of the City’s history.

When you eventually submit you will be asked to assign copyright to GCA so that we can enable your writing to be used for teaching, research and community engagement. (We are happy to discuss this if you wish to retain your copyright).

You will also be asked to flag whether the diary contains anything sensitive, such as detailed information about others, including children. It may be necessary to restrict access to such diaries until a period of time has passed.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at