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Glasgow Life Research

Find out more about other research conducted by Glasgow Life

Find out more about other research conducted by Glasgow Life

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Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries

A key element of Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries has been to understand, analyse the impact of our services

Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries Phase 2: Final Report (2019)
The final evaluation had a specific focus on exploring the barriers and catalysts to organisations and individuals either referring or signposting people affected by cancer to the service. This analysis was informed by telephone and face-to-face interviews with both clinical and non-clinical staff and organisations’ representatives and supplemented with discussions with people affected by cancer who, for different reasons, have not accessed the service.

Community Based Information & Support Services in Scotland (2019)
Rocket Science was commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Support in 2016 to look at how the network of community based Cancer Information and Support Services in Scotland (excluding Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries) were developed and established to understand:
• What needs to be in place to enable new community based Information and Support Services to flourish?
• What is the role that Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries team has in supporting other similar Macmillan services?

Macmillan @ West Dunbartonshire Final Report (2019)
This report is the final evaluation for Macmillan @ West Dunbartonshire and summarises the analysis of service data to date, a review of best practice evidence, and interviews with service users, volunteers, library staff and stakeholders.

Macmillan @ West Dunbartonshire Baseline Report (2017)
In October 2015 Macmillan @ West Dunbartonshire Libraries was launched. This programme represents a partnership between Macmillan Cancer Support, West Dunbartonshire Libraries and Glasgow Life, and its innovative approach was designed to provide a more co-ordinated approach to service delivery across two neighbouring local authorities. This baseline report outlines the work done to date on this evaluation.

Macmillan @ West Dunbartonshire Interim Report (2017)
Rocket Science and Consilium were asked to conduct a two-year evaluation of Macmillan @ West Dunbartonshire Libraries including:
• A process evaluation to understand the successes and challenges of the implementation of the service. Implementation is innovative in its use of a consultancy approach where a single organisation acts as a centre of expertise and offers the opportunity for operational efficiency and effectiveness gains for other similar services. 
• An impact evaluation to understand the early stage impacts of the service. Recognising that this programme is still in its early stages of implementation, this evaluation identified some of the early findings of impacts on people affected by cancer, other support services, volunteers and staff, and libraries.

Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries Phase 2: Interim Report (2016)
This interim evaluation was informed by analysis of project data collected including:
• Referral numbers, data collected by volunteers, and use of library space
• A survey and follow up interviews with library staff and stakeholders
• A survey and follow up focus group with volunteers, a focus group and interviews with project staff and interviews with people who have accessed the service.

Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries Phase 2: Baseline Report (2016)
This initial report for phase 2 explored the difference being made by Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries, key lessons learned, and the scope for improvement and sustainability moving forward.
The focus of this evaluation was to analyse the following objectives:
1. People that are, may be, and work with those affected by cancer in Glasgow know where to obtain trusted information and support
2. People that accessed the service have improved their quality of life
3. Glasgow Life and its partner organisations are providing a sustainable, comprehensive, integrated cancer information and support service
4. Present and past volunteers report rewarding experience including achieving personal aims
5. The public perception of libraries includes considering them as reliable sources of health information
6. Present and past staff report rewarding experience including achieving personal aims
7. Opportunity to improve information and support services on long term conditions across the UK using programme learning

Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries Phase 1 (2014)
The report  explored the progress, impact and learning from the three-year set-up phase of  Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries. It considered planning and implementation processes, whether programme objectives were achieved (including cultural and organisational change), effectiveness of the volunteer programme, outcomes achieved by volunteers and service users - particularly relating to quality of life - and the effectiveness of the partnership.

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