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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Latest Information

Coronavirus - Latest Information

City Archives Collection Policies


The City Archives are housed in the Mitchell Library and include the official records of various local authorities as well as a large number of private archive collections.

Read the City Archives Collections, Acquisition and Disposal Policy.

Public Sector Information Task

Glasgow Life is a charity whose principal activity is to deliver cultural, sporting, recreational, leisure and learning activities on behalf of Glasgow City Council. Our strategic objectives are outlined in our website.  In relation to Libraries, Museums and Archives, our public task is to:

  • manage, preserve, conserve, and develop our collections;
  • make our information and collections accessible;
  • exhibit, interpret and publish our collections;
  • promote engagement with our collections by individuals; local, national and
  • international communities;
  • promote collaboration and share of good practice in within the museum, archive,
  • library, creative and information sector;
  • undertake, commission and collaborate in research activities;
  • carry out the maintenance, development, safety and security of our buildings, infrastructure and grounds, and
  • satisfy our operational, legal, charitable, and statutory obligations.

Read the Public Sector Information Task policy.

Role of The Archives

Policies associated with the preservation and management of all records:

Find out more about the City Archives.

Reuse of Public Sector Information

A list of what is available for re-use can be found here. You can see, copy and re-use information produced by our Libraries, Museums and Archives, such as current annual reports, policies, procedures, free of charge, provided the material is not subject to Data Protection laws or third party copyright or agreements.

If you wish to re-use material for commercial use please see our website for policy and prices.

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