Windows of Diversity Project

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Windows of Diversity Project

Residents of Govanhill were asked to design and make 5 stained glass windows for Govanhill Library. These windows were unveiled in June 2015. Five different community groups worked with glass artist, Keira McLean.  The windows reflect the rich and diverse stories of the Govanhill community and are now an integral part of the library for everyone to enjoy.  


This is the 'Memories of Glasgow' window made with the A.G.A.P art group. This window depicts the memories and interests of the participants. The deep red and ambers at the top of the window refer to the Dixon Blazes and evoke the setting of the sun, like an era gone but not forgotten.

​The all female group for the 'Culture Fusion' window wanted to show the contribution Asian women have made and continue to make to our community. This window is bursting with colour representing the beautiful saris and dresses the women wear. There are words of empowerment peppered throughout the window teaching us that women and girls are the heart and soul of their communities.

​The story of Irish immigration to Glasgow is one of adversity and hardship, hope and inspiration. Each panel within the window tells a piece of the story and pays tribute to the Irish community's contribution to the rich fabric of Glasgow.

This is the 'Exclusive Colours' window designed and made by the fourth year pupils from Hollybrook Academy. It reminds us that colour is emotive, it makes you feel a certain way and can cheer the soul. The text on the window are a mix of quotes that inspire the young people and their own words.

​This is the 'Grafitti Wall' window made by the young people from Govanhill Youth Project.  They wanted to reflect their interests, personalities and above all, their youth in their window. They have made it their own by tagging it.


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