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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Latest Information

Coronavirus - Latest Information

Museums Staff Update Friday 30th March

Dear all

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since buildings closed. Over this time we have appreciated the energy, enthusiasm and creativity that has been displayed in so many ways by all teams across the service.

While some buildings open again at the end of April, many of us will continue to work at home for some time yet. Whatever your working days will look like over the next few months, please know that we appreciate your ongoing commitment.

A few weeks ago a member of the team suggested sharing links to some resources to support our wellbein – thank you. You can find her suggestions and the links below.

Best wishes,

Duncan, Jane and Katherine


Wellbeing Resources
A member of the museums’ team has pulled together some introductory wellness and mindfulness resources for a range of wellbeing activities that you may wish to explore.

Please choose any that look fun, or interesting, or restful – the choice is up to you.

Wellbeing Guides

Meditation/ Mindfulness

Walking, Cycling and Running:

Exercise and Being Active at Home:

Information for Line Managers

Information for All Staff

These resources are intended for you to use informally at home. If, however, you feel you are struggling with your mental health, please seek help as soon as possible. You can speak to your line manager to discuss what steps can be taken to support you in the workplace, but your GP is the best person to contact for professional medical advice.