The Burrell Project Blog

We are sharing insights from members of the Burrell Project team on their roles on the project, what they enjoy about their jobs and sometimes their favourite objects from the collection. We'll update the page with a new edition every fortnight. We hope you enjoy finding out more about Team Burrell!

Introducing the Burrell blog

Read our first edition from Dr Bridget McConnell CBE, Chief Executive of Glasgow Life.

My Job with Laura Bauld

In this second edition of the Burrell Project blog, we're catching up with project curator Laura Bauld to find out more about her role on the project - read more.

My Favourite Object with Caroline Currie

In this edition, we're catching up with learning and access curator, Caroline Currie on her favourite object in the collection.

My Job with Fiona Macleod

In this edition, we're catching up with editor Fiona Macleod on her role on the Burrell project.

My Job with Susie Ironside

Visitor Studies Curator Susie tells us more about how her job involves working with different audiences to help shape the refurbishment of The Burrell Collection.

My Job with Louise Treble

We're staying with the visitor studies theme in this edition, as assistant visitor studies curator Louise explains how visitor research is continuing during lockdown. Find out more.

My Favourite Object with Rebecca Quinton

Research Manager Rebecca Quinton tells us more about a pair of silk bed valances with Royal connections.

My Job with Iona Shepherd

What does a Project Photographer do? Find out here with Burrell Project Photographer Iona.

Recent research with Tony Lewis

Curator of Scottish History, Tony Lewis shares an insight into his recent research of Sir William Burrell's involvement in the Glasgow International Exhibition in 1901. Read more.

My Job with Lucy Armitage

Digital Learning and Access Curator, Lucy tells us about her role in developing digital interpretation for the new displays at The Burrell Collection. Read more.

My favourite paintings with Suzanne Ross

Paintings Conservator Suzanne tells us about her two favourite paintings in the collection. Read more.

My Job with Glen Cruickshank

In this edition, Digital Technician Modern Apprentice Glen tells us what he enjoys most about his role on the Burrell Project. Read more

Upcycling in the 18th Century with Jo Meacock

Curator of British Art, Dr Jo Meacock, tells us how her recent research on a painting in The Burrell Collection shows that upcycling is not just a fad of the 21st-century. Read more


My Job with Filmmaker Debora Bottino

As a filmmaker on The Burrell project, Debora is involved in creating content for dynamic new displays, to share more of the stories behind the collection than ever before. More

My Job with Learning & Access Curator Caroline Currie

Curator Caroline discusses her role in the Burrell refurbishment project and has useful advice for anyone interested in a career in museums. More

My favourite object with Editor Fiona Macleod

Burrell Project Editor Fiona Macleod tells us about one of her favourite objects

The Badge of the Bad Bishop with Ralph Moffat

Glasgow Museums' Curator of Arms and Armour, Ralph Moffat tells the story of a not-so-kindly bishop in 15th century England. More

The Warrior at the Top of the Stairs by Laura Bauld

Project Curator Laura Bauld tells the story of her favourite object - a Japanese woodblock print of Shoki, the Demon Queller. More

My Job with Stuart Lindsay from Kier Construction

Senior Site Manager for the Burrell Project, Stuart Lindsay, fills us in on his role on the refurbishment project. More 

Fundraising for a major conservation project with Hannah Wilson

Senior Development Officer at Glasgow Life, Hannah Wilson, tells us about her role in securing funding to support essential conservation work on a magnificent 16th century tapestry. More

A small coin with an important history by Dr Anthony Lewis

Curator of Scottish History, Dr Anthony Lewis tells the fascinating story behind a small silver coin from the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots. More

Researching a Medieval miniature cradle with Stephanie de Roemer

Conservator of Sculpture and Installation Art, Stephanie de Roemer discusses her recent research on this beautiful 500-year-old miniature cradle. More 


The Magic of Metal with Ralph Moffat

Curator of Arms and Armour, Ralph Moffat tells us about some of the medieval methods believed to enhance the strength of metal for swordmaking. More  

Ethel Todd Shiel - The Write Stuff

Neil Johnson-Symington, Curator of Transport and Technology tells the fascinating story of Ethel Todd Shiel, private secretary to Sir William Burrell. More

Discovering LGBT histories in The Burrell Collection

Project Curator Laura Bauld tells us how The Burrell team carried out research to discover previously unknown LGBT histories linked to more than 300 objects in The Collection. More

To Beard or not to Beard by Alan Greenlees

Join Alan for a look at the importance of beards in the Middle Ages, illustrated with examples from the wonderful stained glass in The Burrell Collection. More

The enduring story of St George and the Dragon

Glasgow Museums' Curator of Arms and Armour, Ralph Moffat shares his thoughts on some remarkable objects featuring the saint. More

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