The Burrell Renaissance Project

The Burrell Renaissance Project will revitalise the museum for existing and new audiences and ensure that the world-class Collection and its architecturally significant home are safeguarded for the future. It provides the museum with the opportunity to redisplay and reinterpret the collection, revealing many wonderful and new stories about individual objects.

Important and unique objects from The Burrell Collection which have not been seen for decades or have never been on permanent display, will now be featured. This unique museum experience is designed to enable families, visitors and local communities to appreciate them, enjoy them and learn more about them. A comprehensive outreach programme, undertaken by Glasgow Museums, has established new links between thousands of people living near The Burrell Collection and Pollok Country Park to support and inform the development of new content to ensure an improved visitor experience for all. A dedicated learning and education centre will be created using technology to enable visitors to interact with and enjoy the collection more.

The building itself is being improved with a new entrance. Store rooms on the lower ground floor will open to the public for the first time and a new central core will encourage visitors to journey through the galleries and across all three levels of the building. In addition, an enhanced café and shop experience will be introduced.