The Collection

The Burrell collection overview

Sir William Burrell and his wife Lady Constance gave their exceptional collection of almost 9,000 objects to Glasgow in 1944. This remarkable collection takes the people of Glasgow, and visitors alike, on a tour of 6,000 years of history. It connects them with the people who made the exquisite works and the people who have owned them down the generations.

This incredible Collection holds treasures from all over the world. Highlights include:

  • Pottery and porcelain produced in China over a 5,000-year period, making it one of the most significant collections of Chinese art in the UK 
  • Paintings by renowned French artists including Manet, Cézanne and Degas
  • Medieval treasures including stained glass, arms and armour and over 200 tapestries which rank amongst the finest tapestries anywhere in the world.