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Coming into view: Photographing Glasgow

Conditions of Participation

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Conditions of Participation

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A public call for contributions.

The Exhibit

In the 30th year of both the Open Museum and Glasgow being the European City of Culture, we are inviting community groups and individuals to submit photographs to create a contemporary portrait of the city by those that live in it. This visual story of the city will capture people, places and experiences from a broad range of people behind the lens.

The Open Museum is Glasgow Museums’ outreach team. We take objects from the museum collections out to communities across the city, so that they can be enjoyed by everyone. In particular, we work with communities who may find it difficult to visit our museum venues.

These images will be displayed in our upcoming exhibition Coming into view: Photographing Glasgow, opening at Kelvingrove on June 27, 2020.

The Action

From March 11th – 18th 2020 we are inviting individuals to submit their recent 2020 photos of Glasgow, a title, how they want their name to appear in the exhibit and a short descriptor about how the image relates to what Glasgow means to them. As many images as possible will be displayed in the exhibition space using a combination of projection(s) and printed photos but in case of contributions exceeding our capacity - priority will be given to photos that are received first. The team will notify through social media, the participants whose photos are being displayed by April 10th 2020.

How To Take Part

Submit your recent photos of Glasgow with a title, short descriptor about what Glasgow means to you and how you would like your name to appear with your photo. Submit your contribution via social media channels by direct messaging The Open Museum on Facebook by March 18th 2020.

Facebook: Open Museum 

If you are taking images of people, we ask that you get permission from those being photographed, especially if you use an image which can be used to identify them. If you use any images of children please seek permission from parents or guardians.

By submitting your image through social media, you are confirming that you are happy for us to use your image in our exhibition, on our website and for promotion according to our general privacy policy see below. Photographers will retain their copyright, but by submitting a photograph you are giving us permission to use your image free of charge for the exhibition and for publicity purposes. Including but not limited to publication on The Glasgow Life Website, social media channels, Advertising such as posters, leaflets and Glasgow life publications.

By submitting, you also confirm that any people who may be identifiable in the photographs have given their consent to be photographed and are happy to appear in the exhibition and in marketing. In the case of children, the permission of parents or guardians has been given. For further information see our conditions of participation.

Useful documents

Accessible formats

If you require documents in large print, braille, or audio versions please email: