Understanding Glasgow

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Understanding Glasgow

Understanding Glasgow

The Glasgow Indicators Project

Understanding Glasgow is an accessible new web resource that aims to inform a wide audience about the health and wellbeing of Glasgow’s residents. It is part of a partnership project looking at indicators of progress in Glasgow (the Glasgow Indicators Project) that includes some of the main public agencies in the city1.
Understanding Glasgow is a new and innovative endeavour for Glasgow, unparalleled in other UK cities. It is a resource not just for organisations in the city but for the people of Glasgow. Inspired by similar undertakings in London and Boston – the Boston indicators project - Understanding Glasgow and the Glasgow Indicators Project builds upon previous profiling and research by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health. The Understanding Glasgow website updates many of these analyses and makes health related information about Glasgow accessible to a much wider audience than ever before.

For further information contact:

Bruce Whyte, Public Health Programme Manager, GCPH
Ross Haig, Communications Officer, GCPH
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