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Become a Coach


 How can I become a Coach?

Speak to someone at Glasgow Sport, your local club or group to ask how you can get involved!

Coaching is a great way to express your passion for a sport. The best starting place for trying out coaching is to assist a coach. Most coaches will be grateful for any help you can give. 

To search for voluntary coaching opportunities please sign up to our volunteer bureau here ​

For more information on coaching or if you are looking for a particular coaching experience then please contact or 0141 287 3640.

Becoming a Qualifaied Coach

To coach independently, most sports will require you to have a minimum standard of training and their governing bodies of sport run their own coaching qualifications. For example, the Scottish Football Association (SFA) and Tennis Scotland will coordinate football and tennis coachingqualifications respectively. 

View the Glasgow Sport Coach Education Programmefor available course or contact or telephone 0141 287 3640.


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