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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Latest Information

Coronavirus - Latest Information

Go Again Club Information Sheet

Ronin Karate Information Sheet

Ronin Karate Go Again Information Sheet

When your club is ready to Go Again an information sheet is an easy way to communicate all relevant updates. An information sheet can be sent by email or into group chats for your club and can be referenced when needed by your members.

The information contained on any sheet will differ for each club so please try and make it as specific to your club as possible. Prior to creating an information sheet it's important to think about whether the same information will be useful to everyone or if you may need one for coaches and another for participants.

There are some questions and guidance that will help you to put together an information sheet that is useful and easy to understand for your members:

  • Include the name, role and contact details for the Club Coronavirus Coordinator. 
  • If applicable for the audience, include the club risk assessment or a link to it.
  • Reminder of Governing Body and Scottish Government policy regarding Coronavirus and members responsibilities to control the virus.
  • What to do and pack before you leave the house?
  • What time to arrive, what to do when you arrive?
  • Any changes to training times to stagger beginning/ end of sessions.
  • Social distancing measures at your venue / during your session? Hand sanitiser, floor markings, etc.
  • Information on what members do at your venue and if applicable expectations of parents and guardians.
  • What do to when you leave and go home?
  • Any other special arrangements that have changed within your club.
  • Summary text within each stage so your message is clear.
  • Any other changes to the normal routine for your club.