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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Latest Information

Coronavirus - Latest Information

Go Again Club Video

When your club is Ready to Go Again, a short club video is a great way to communicate with your members. These videos are easily produced with smart phones, check out our tips for help producing digital content.

Check out the video below from Giffnock Tennis.

Giffnock Tennis Club - Go Again Video

Giffnock Tennis club providing members with an informative step by step run through of their return to the club under social distancing.

Creating Digital Content

Modern smart phones make creating small information videos easy. For support and advice on creating videos visit Actify

Some key points to consider prior to creating the video are:

  • Who is the video for?
  • What is the purpose of the video?

These will guide the content, length and tone of the video.

How to Create my Club's Go Again video

Each club's video and information will differ. However, some standard questions which can guide what you include are noted below.

  • What to do and pack before you leave the house?
  • What time to arrive, what to do when you arrive?
  • Social distancing measures at your venue / during your session? Hand sanitiser, floor markings, etc.
  • What do to when you leave and go home?
  • Any other special arrangements that have changed within your club?
  • Summary text within each stage so your message is clear?
  • Any other changes to the normal routine for your club?
  • Reminder of Governing Body and Scottish Government policy regarding Coronavirus and members responsibilities to control the virus.


Sharing your club video

Prior to creating your club video think about who you want to see it and how you will share it with them.

If you are able to share the video within club group chats or on a club database with additional information this is a good way of allowing each member to see it.

Depending on the users of your venue it may be worth sharing the video on social media and You Tube for parents and others to understand the procedures in place at the club.

Useful resources