Golf Courses

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Golf Courses


Scotland is the home of golf and Glasgow Sport has some of the best and most affordable facilities in the country.


Our six courses throughout the city offer a huge range of challenges for experts and novices alike.

​Item ​Adult Adult with Glasgow Club Card​ Conc​ Glasgow Young Scot Card​ Junior​ Junior​ with Glasgow Club Card
​18 Holes or Twice round 9 holes ​£11.50 £10.50​ ​£6.00 ​FREE ​£4.00 £3.60
​9 Hole Course  ​£7.00 ​£6.30 ​£5.00 ​FREE ​£2.80 ​£2.50
​18 Holes or Twice round 9 holes
​£7.00 £6.30​ £4.00​ FREE​ £2.00​ £1.80​
​9 Hole Course ​£4.00 £3.60​ £3.00​ FREE​ £1.25​ £1.00​
*During the summer months, Golf Peak rates apply at weekends and Offpeak rates apply Monday - Friday.

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