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Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee! Inside the ring boxers need strength, skill and speed to outwit their opponent.

Boxing provides intense cardiovascular exercise, it is an efficient way to improve the strength of your heart. One hour on a punch bag would burn approximately 354 calories, an hour's sparring would burn approximately 531 calories and an actual hour-long fight would burn approximately 708 calories. Some clubs also offer sessions that are more fitness-based than actual boxing.

Boxing is a dynamic sport that teaches physical and mental discipline, and the best way to get started is to join a local club.

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Olympic weight divisions are as follows:


  • Light fly (49kg)
  • Fly (52kg)
  • Bantam (56kg)
  • Light (60kg)
  • Light welter (64kg)
  • Welter (69kg)
  • Middle (75kg)
  • Light heavy (81kg)
  • Heavy (91kg)
  • Super heavy (+91kg)


  • Fly (51kg)
  • Light (60kg)
  • Middle (75kg)

To ensure safety, it is vital all contact sessions are overseen by a qualified coach and you buy the correct equipment before you start. Beginners will need gloves, gum shields, head gear, boots and shorts, with easy access to punching bags also essential.

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