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Consists of 1,500m Swim, 40km Cycle and a 10km Run

Combining three unique and challenging disciplines – swimming, cycling and running – Triathlon demonstrates the overall fitness, skill and endurance. 

A truly punishing test of human endurance, triathlon pushes its competitors to the limits in three different sports: swimming, cycling and running. Each sport requires competitors at the top to be in peak physical condition - just reading a triathlete's training schedule would exhaust many people - but triathlon is still accessible to all ages and abilities.

Triathlon involves high-intensity activity for a prolonged period of time. This improves cardiovascular fitness, builds stamina, lowers blood pressure and helps prevent heart disease. A triathlon race is incredibly physically demanding and one held using Olympic distances burns approximately 2,750 calories. Training for all three categories will also aid the loss of body fat. The triathlon works all the muscle groups in the body in a variety of ways. Running helps develop lean muscles, swimming boosts the upper body and cycling tones your lower body. As triathlon has three disciplines, the range of different exercises helps prevent repetitive stress injuries which can occur when focusing on one event, such as joint problems, shoulder problems, tendonitis, fractures or shin-splints.

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