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Imagine trying to lift in excess of two-and-a-half times your own body weight above your head?!

Weightlifting helps boost your strength, muscle definition and energy levels. Depending on the style of weightlifting programme you perform, it can either build the size of your muscles or create longer, leaner muscles. Although standard weightlifting is not a form of cardiovascular exercise, it can still help fat loss. An intense weightlifting training session burns approximately 266 calories per hour, with extra calorie loss still occurring up to 48 hours later due to muscle growth.

As weightlifting is a form of resistance training, it also boosts your metabolic rate as muscles require calories to grow. The larger the weight you lift and the more regularly you train, the quicker your metabolism should be. Weightlifting also helps improve the density of your bones which helps to prevent osteoporosis from developing.

At Glasgow Club we offer an Olympic Weightlifting programme for everyone called “Lift It”.

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