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Get involved - here's everything you need to know

Where can you take part?

Find your nearest local library!

Glasgow Libraries

Get ready for an out of this world adventure with Space Chase!

All of a sudden books have started to disappear from the Moon Library, and soon there won’t be any left for everyone to read and enjoy …

A mysterious ship has been spotted on the radar – The Rockets Family are going on a very important mission to save the missing books, and they need your help!

Take part in the Summer Reading Challenge 2019 and join the Rockets on a chase through space to save the Moon Library, not only will your imagination travel to infinity and beyond and improve your reading skills but you’ll also enjoy fun rewards as your read.

You can take part any Glasgow Library from 22nd June until 10th August 2019.  We have 33 libraries to visit including the Mitchell library, you can visit whichever one you like! Find your nearest local library here.

You can take out books and return them to any of our libraries but just remember to let library staff know that you are taking part so you get any stickers or rewards that you are due.

There are some many reasons why you should take part - here's just some of them below.

Four fun reasons to get involved