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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Latest Information

Coronavirus - Latest Information


Volunteering opportunities for Glasgow Life staff

New information regarding volunteering opportunities will be added here as and when it becomes available, so please check back regularly for the latest updates.

Information published at 3.15pm on Monday 11 May

Making a difference

Our doors may be closed but Glasgow Life staff are still making a real difference to the citizens of Glasgow. Since the start of lockdown over 700 members of council family staff have volunteered to help out in priority areas of the city, including Public Health, Social Care and Education.

Glasgow Life staff have also been offering practical support to communities by opening up venues to provide places for charities to make up food parcels and linking up organisations with the community groups and resources they need.

You can make a difference – volunteer now

If you're not able to carry out your usual job because your venue is closed or you cannot work from home, Glasgow Life will support you to volunteer during your normal working hours.

In our last update, we outlined how Glasgow Life employees could volunteer to help deliver essential services for Glasgow City Council. More information on how to register is available here.

Glasgow Life is now able to offer staff further opportunities to volunteer and make a real difference in their communities during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Our Employee Supported Volunteering (ESV) policy applies to all staff, whether you work full time or part time. This policy means that with the agreement of your line manager, you can now volunteer to help out with local registered charities so long as they have appropriate insurances in place and meet all safety requirements such as PPE and social distancing.

Volunteering in this way will not only help out those most in need in your local area, it will also give you the chance to increase your skills while you cannot do your regular job. Doing something positive during lockdown is also beneficial for your own wellbeing.

Staff volunteering in their local area will help Glasgow Life to build new links and networks within the communities we work in, which will be beneficial when we all get ready to start opening our venues and delivering our services again.

Volunteering opportunities available now

British Red Cross are looking for 20 volunteers to help with call handling and deliveries.

What tasks will I be asked to help with?                   

Call handlers will be taking calls from people looking for support because they are self-isolating or cannot get out to the shops as well as making ‘check in chat’ calls to people referred to the British Red Cross. Call handlers may also have to take calls from delivery drivers if a problem arises when they are out.

Drivers will be asked to pick up and deliver food and prescriptions to people unable to get to the shops or pharmacy.

Where will I be based?

Call handlers are based at the British Red Cross office in Hillington. Driver locations will vary. 

What hours am I required?

Shifts are likely to be 10am-6pm, Monday to Friday. Shorter shifts may also be available.

Do I need a PVG?

Yes all volunteers must already be members of the PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) scheme. 

Is a car provided?

No, drivers are asked to have access to a car.

Are out of pocket expenses paid?

Yes, these will be paid by British Red Cross.

Will training be provided?

All volunteers will receive training.

Will PPE be provided?

Yes appropriate PPE will be provided

Interested in volunteering with British Red Cross? 

Discuss with your line manager to confirm if your role is considered an essential service. If you're not an essential services worker, you can apply to volunteer.

If your line manager approves, complete the ESV online form. The volunteering staff team will pass on your details to the voluntary organisation and they will contact you directly.

Employees on volunteering leave must still report to their Glasgow Life line manager in line with our policies and procedures around maximising attendance and annual leave. You must also notify your host organisation if you are not able to attend your volunteering shift.

After you have competed your volunteering leave, you will be asked to complete an online survey about your time as a volunteer.

More information and support

If you would like further information about the volunteering roles available to you or if you have any questions, please contact

If you know of an organisation that could benefit from Glasgow Life staff volunteering their time, please get in touch at


Information published at 4pm on Wednesday 8 April

Register to volunteer with Glasgow City Council and help maintain our city’s vital services

There’s been a great response to Glasgow City Council’s call for volunteers so far, with nearly 700 people from across the Council family coming forward. A special thank you to all those Glasgow Life employees who have signed up to help keep our city running in these difficult times.

The Council expects that the need for help will rise significantly in the weeks to come, so they’re looking for more volunteers to join the programme now, before the ask becomes urgent.

All staff on Glasgow Life’s payroll who are interested, have no underlying health conditions or reason to self-isolate, and have approval from their line manager are encouraged to register.

How can I help?

The Council family must continue to deliver its essential services. This is your chance to make a difference and support those people who need immediate assistance across the city.

Where can I help?

There are lots of important roles in Public Health; Neighbourhoods and Sustainability; Home Care and Education including roles such as being a driver or janitor, working in catering, business support and front line management.

You can check out the full list on the council’s MyJobScotland pages. If you’re experienced or have skills in one or more of these areas then you could offer the vital support that the city needs at this time.

How do I register?

Before signing up, please first discuss it with your line manager and get approval. Then, when you register here, you can express your interest in the type of role that best matches your skills.

When adding your contact details, the council recommends that you use both a personal email address and mobile phone number. This is so that if you’re working from home without VPN access you can be kept up-to-date on roles that need to be filled.

Creating a MyJobScotland account with a personal email and phone number will still allow you access to all internal Glasgow Family vacancies as normal and means you can also sign up to receive text alerts too.

If you have previously registered using your Glasgow Life contact details, and have no access to your Glasgow Life email account, you can edit your MyJobScotland account to include your personal contact details.

Will I be paid and will I receive training?

Yes. Volunteering doesn’t affect the work you would normally do for Glasgow Life and you will continue to receive your pay from us. You’ll be paid at your normal grade, even if you’re asked to do lower graded work. Training will be given to all our staff volunteers and we will support you to deliver these key roles. It can be a great opportunity to add new skills to your CV and to experience working life from a different angle on a temporary basis.

Will I start straight away?

By joining the Council’s volunteer register, you are not committing to anything at this stage. What it does is allow the Council to increase its pool of staff volunteers so that when the peak of infections happens, they have dedicated people in place to help deliver essential services across the city. Some staff volunteers will start in these vital roles immediately, while some may start at a later date.

Steps to apply

  1. Confirm your availability with your line manager.
  2. Visit myjobscotland.
  3. Complete a short information form, and you will then be added to GCC’s volunteer staff bank.
  4. Staff will only be contacted if and when the need arises or to gather more information on availability.
  5. Keep your line manager updated about the outcome of your application.

Your colleagues in essential roles across the Council Family are doing an amazing job keeping the city moving. Join their ranks by registering your availability today.


Information published at 2pm on Monday 6 April 

Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector (GCVS) is coordinating a directory of community support available in the city to help people and families affected by Covid-19.

If you volunteer with or know of a group or organisation that's providing practical support during the coronavirus outbreak, then GCVS is keen to hear from you. Please take five minutes to complete their short survey and for more information, visit