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Young Glasgow
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Young Glasgow privacy policy

How we use and store all information

Application Forms -Online and Offline

Glasgow Kidz Card and Glasgow Young Scot/NEC Card application forms ask for personal details about you and/or your child. By giving this information, you consent to Glasgow Life† using it to process the Young Glasgow/Glasgow Kidz Card application or update details that we already hold for you or your child.

Information you provide on the application form will be used by Glasgow Life† to produce the card, and to replace the card if necessary. All data will be held for a maximum of 12 months following the expiry date shown on the front of your card. For Young Glasgow/Glasgow Kidz Card applicants who attend Glasgow City educational establishments, the details you provide on the form will be checked for accuracy against records held by Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life†. These details may also be updated (e.g. if you change address) from these records. It is important you understand that providing false information may be a criminal offence.

Glasgow Life† undertakes significant amounts of research internally where we analyse the data we hold in order to measure our performance (and/or the performance of our contractors or partner organisations). We also allow external organisations and academic researchers access to information to allow them to undertake research. In each case we carefully assess the request to access our data and assess the request against our Information Use and Privacy Policy. We put rigorous safeguards in place to allow access to the minimum information to conduct the research without disclosing personal identifiers such as name or address, but in some cases there may be sufficient information to create the possibility that someone could be identified from the data released. If we assess there is a risk of identification, we will not release this information.

All processing of your details is carried out under the Data Protection Act 1998. Under this act, you are entitled to access a copy of the information we hold. Any application to access information we hold about you should be made in writing to Young Glasgow, 220 High Street, Glasgow, G4 0QW.

A hard copy can be provided on request by calling 0141 276 0727. 

The Young Glasgow/Kidz Card remains the property of Glasgow Life† and may be cancelled at any time.

†Glasgow Life and the sub brands Young Glasgow and Glasgow Kidz Card are the operating name(s) of Culture and Sport Glasgow (“CSG”). CSG is a company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland with company number SC313851 and having its registered office at 220 High Street Glasgow G4 0QW. CSG is a registered charity with the office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (No SCO37844). It operates and carries out its activities on behalf of Glasgow City Council.
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