Glasgow's Play Strategy 2016-18

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Glasgow's Play Strategy 2016-18

Playing for Real 2 - Glasgow's Play Strategy

Consultation with children and young people on the strategy outcomes.

The following three projects from the Glasgow Play Get Together network volunteered to consult with the children and young people they worked with on the play strategy outcomes.

The projects are St Mirin’s Out of School Club, PEEK (Possibilities for each and every Kid) and Stepping Stones for Families Possilpark Out of School Club.

A list of child friendly questions was used as a guide for the consultation and the projects decided on the best way of engaging with their groups. 

  • St Mirin’s Out of School Club brought the children together in a focus group to talk about play and recorded their responses.
  • PEEK interviewed children and young people involved in their street play activities and transcribed their responses.  Chalk drawings with play comments were also created by the group interviewed. 
  • Stepping Stones for Families at the Possilpark Out of School Club produced a big book with drawings, quotes and comments all about PLAY.

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