12-18 Projects

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12-18 Projects

Youth projects

​Special Projects for 12-18 year olds.

Glasgow Life’s youth workers provide a range of projects aimed at young people across Glasgow. A large number of these projects are developed and delivered in partnership with other youth work partners.
The South West offers a range of projects including The Pollok Witch Walk and GStars – a talent developing programme for young people.
In The South East the team offer “Film Heads at the Shed” and an employability enhancement project aimed at Slovakian teenagers.
The West End Team have Youth Information Points based in a number of communities across the area.
In the North the team have developed MIDAS – a youth diversionary project and a Parenting programme for the parents of teenagers.
The East End offer Personal Presentation Programmes and The Impact Youth Programme designed to reduce gang violence. 

Details of these and many other projects can be obtained from your local Area Services Team.
Click here to find out what's available in your local area!.

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