Long Term Conditions and Macmillan Service

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Long Term Conditions and Macmillan Service

The financial impact of a cancer diagnosis can be a big problem, 91% of all cancer patient households​ suffer a loss of income and increase in expenses as direct consequence of a diagnosis. 

Our Volunteers Can Support Service Users To Access The Long Term Conditions And Macmillan Service Which Can Provide:​

  • Help with the benefit claim process
  • Help with appealing against any refusal of benefit
  • Help with housing issues to ensure the service user's tenancy is not at risk
  • Help with everyday finances by offering advice and work on the service user's behalf with creditors
  • Help with the cost of heating within the home and access to energy efficiency advice
  • Access to the Macmillan Financial Guidance Service for free independent guidance on matter such as insurance, pensions and financial planning.

This ​service is free and confidential.


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