Annual Report - Our Story 2016

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Annual Report - Our Story 2016

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Overwhelmed, angry, worried, stressed, lonely, sad, anxious, guilty, confused... the list of emotional side effects associated with a cancer diagnosis is seemingly endless, with the above just a snapshot of the reasons resulting in individuals across Glasgow presenting at their local libraries throughout the past year.
This represents a significant culture shift, and provides substantial evidence to support the theory that a library setting can be transformed to deliver the welcoming and accessible venue required to cater for some of these nonclinical needs, which so often go unmet. So much so that December 2016 witnessed our services surpassing its10,000th attendance since our launch in 2012. This landmark highlights the significant role that our network of Macmillan Cancer Information & Support Services are delivering to support individuals affected by cancer across Glasgow. Our growing number of attendances, coupled with the fact that each individual across the city is at most just 1 mile away from their nearest service, strengthens our belief that we are edging ever closer to ensuring that ‘no-one in Glasgow should face cancer alone’.

This ambition cannot be achieved without the tireless commitment, motivation and energy of the Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries staff and volunteer team, who have continued to demonstrate their passion and dynamism for developing, improving, and strengthening these services for the people who need them most.

I hope that our story of 2016 captures your interest, and our feeling of pride resonates with you in appreciating what a huge impact our fantastic volunteers are having on not just the delivery of our programme, but in their role in challenging historical culture, to deliver innovative new ways of supporting people in their local communities.

As always, our team are ever looking for individuals, services, or partnerships to connect with, so should you have an idea, or opportunity, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Craig Menzies
Macmillan Programme Manager​
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