Angela's Story

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Angela's Story

Angela Case Study.jpgMy name is Angela McFarlane; I’m 35 years old, married to Gary and have a three year old daughter Hannah. We live in Glasgow.  I have been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in my right breast.

I wandered in one day to Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries in Gorbals Library, feeling I suppose in shock. I met a volunteer and I felt like someone knew how I felt.

I’ve been along to the drop in at Gorbals Library and the information stands (via the Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries Outreach Service) at New Victoria Hospital Glasgow.

At Gorbals Library the woman was so understanding, she spoke to me about financial worries and how to tell my family. She gave me information on how to relax and just made me feel ‘normal’. Pardon the term but I felt completely lost and had no idea what to do. She calmed me and I genuinely felt better just knowing someone was on my side.

She calmed me and I genuinely felt better just knowing someone was on my side.​
I was referred onto a Macmillan Benefits Adviser where I had help filling in everything. I knew nothing about benefits - it’s so scary - but the adviser just talked me through in plain English as they understand how frustrating it can be.  
It was helpful as they explained and advised in a completely non-judgemental way. The services took the fear out of looking into benefits and finding information about your specific cancer.

The volunteers in Gorbals Library are approachable and willing to listen, just chatting away making you feel welcome at all times. It makes you feel safe in the knowledge you can speak freely and no one will blame you for feeling bad. You can chat about stuff without having to protect everyone.

Three words that sum up my experience with Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries are: friendly, informative and enhancing.

Thank you for the endless support and approachable understanding volunteers.  
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