Portia's Story

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Portia's Story

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My name is Portia and I have been a Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Volunteer for almost five months. Being a volunteer gives me satisfaction by being able to do what I love most, which is helping those who are in need.

I got involved because I always wanted to do something that I have a passion for and I love to do, something that will fill my heart with joy when I am doing it. I give thanks to Pip (Macmillan Engagement Officer) who came to the Bridges Programme to tell us about Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries and all the good things that they do to help people affected by cancer.

Volunteering gives me the opportunity to fulfil my passion and desires by giving support and information to those who are in need of the service and to those who are in a confusing state of dilemma, not knowing whether to use the service or not. The expectations I had were to build up my self-esteem and be assured that I can be a great helper to those who want to use the service. My expectations were fulfilled, and I hope to develop more as time goes on. 

I get pleasure in doing what I really enjoy doing most in life, fulfilling my desires in supporting people affected by cancer.
I made a real difference the day someone dropped in and they looked so depressed; while I was talking to them they had tears in their eyes because one of their family members had been diagnosed with cancer. The person felt useless and didn’t know how to help their family member. We spoke about the many services that could help both the person I was talking to and their family member. I could empathise as I had a similar experience of feeling useless when my aunt who was diagnosed with breast cancer. We chatted and I gave the person some booklets about the particular cancer the family member was diagnosed with, and information about the services that can help the whole family.

With the drop in services being in libraries I think is easy to reach out to people, since majority of people like to use libraries in different ways; therefore it is easy for people to get information and support. 

Three words that sum up my volunteering experience with Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries are: Passionate, fulfilment and compassionate.                    
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