The Benefits of Weightlifting

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The Benefits of Weightlifting

New Lift It Class
This article isn’t for 6-foot powerhouse body-builders. That would just be preaching to the converted. Today, we’re talking to you – dainty ladies, over 60s, the ‘I usually stick to cardio-ers’! Why? Because we want to tell you about the huge (and unexpected) benefits of weightlifting – for everyone. 
Until recently, Olympic style weightlifting was a pretty niche fitness activity. It still sometimes holds a bit of a ‘muscle-man’ stereotype and we know that can be quite intimidating. BUT we’re here to prove that everyone can benefit from lifting, even if you don’t think you’re built for it. So here come the 3 key benefits of weightlifting:

1. Tone up – in less time

Strength training has been proven to help you look leaner – in less time than cardio training. And who wouldn’t want a more efficient way to tone up and lose fat? When you do cardio, you burn calories during your workout, but when you stop, you soon go back to your normal metabolic rate. Lifting heavy weights builds muscle, which in turn increases your metabolism, so you’ll be burnin’ those kcals even while you’re watching tv!

2. Protect your future health

In the short to medium term, you’ll tone up, gain strength and have fun in the process. But did you know that weightlifting has long term health benefits too? Studies have shown that regular weight training can help to prevent bone loss, and may even help to build new bone, thus preventing osteoporosis-related fractures in later life.

3. Great for flexibility and mobility

Other than gymnasts, the most flexible athletes in the world are weightlifters!

Worried about bulking up too much?

No need. Because muscle tissue is more dense than fat, adding a little muscle and decreasing your fat will help you look lean, not mean! Those who want to pile on the muscle will weight train A LOT and eat specific high protein diets. So don’t worry, you won’t bulk up unless you really want to.

But I wouldn’t know where to start!

That’s why our specialist team have put together an Olympic weightlifting programme, designed for beginners. In our friendly Lift It classes, you’ll learn the correct technique for all the most popular moves. And don’t worry, you’ll start with a weight that is right for you. You can map your progress on our specially designed programme cards and move through the different levels with support from our qualified coaches and encouragement from your fellow beginners! 

See for yourself

Watch some Lift It! graduates in action in this video.


Come try a class – you’ll love it, promise!

The first Lift It class launches at the Glasgow Club Gorbals on Wednesday the 28th May. See the timetable below. Hurry and book your space​ online*, as spaces are limited. 

To begin with, all sessions will be level 1 and 2, but as you progress, so will the classes, and you'll be able to move on to levels 3, 4 and 5.  
​Day ​Time                  ​Level ​Max spaces ​Coach
​Monday ​17.30-18.30 ​1&2 ​4 ​Joanne Jardine
​Monday ​18.30-19.30 ​1&2 ​4 ​Joanne Jardine
​Tuesday ​10.00-11.00 ​1&2
​4 ​Ian Hamilton/Paul Wallace
​Tuesday ​18.00-19.00 3&4 ​4 ​Paul Wallace
​Tuesday ​19.00-20.00 ​​1&2 ​4 ​Paul Wallace/Ross Nixon
​Wednesday ​18.00-19.00 ​1&2 ​4 ​Ally McGinnigle
​Wednesday ​19.00-20.00 ​3&4 ​4 ​Ally McGinnigle
​Thursday ​19.00-20.00 ​1&2 ​4 ​Ross Nixon
​Friday  ​17.30-18.30 ​​1&2 ​4 ​Martin Thomson 
​Friday  ​18.30 -19.30 ​1&2 ​4 Martin Thomson
​Saturday  ​11.00-12.00 ​​1&2 ​8 ​Martin Thomson
​Sunday ​10.00-11.00 ​1&2 ​8 ​Paul Wallace
​Sunday ​17.00-18.00 ​​1&2 ​8 ​Ian Hamilton 
Get lifting! Book HERE.* 



*Booking available 3 days in advance of each class. ​ 
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