22 February 2024

30 years of Out of School Care at Barlanark

A group of 20 young people and adults wearing winter coats, standing outside a brick built community centre building

Barlanark Out of School Care has been a long-standing lease in Barlanark Community Centre in the East End of Glasgow for 30 years. The group are funded by Glasgow's Community Fund which covers childcare placements through the School Age Childcare Fund.

A group of mostly local, dedicated staff have worked with the service for as long as 22 years to help educate and nurture up to 50 children per day, meaning that hundreds of families have benefited from this service.

They recently had a visit by the minister for Children and Young People who was extremely complimentary about the service on offer and equally pleased with the warm welcome received from the Community Centre staff.

Overall, the children who attend the service are very self-assured and confident and the organisation continues to do their best and deliver on meeting the principles of Getting It Right for Every Child.

Project Manager, Karen Shannon said:

"We would be lost without Barlanark Community Centre. Having access to the venue has allowed us to provide a fun and safe space for children to attend an after-school service. Parents and carers alike are very happy with the service on offer and often bring their children back to attend other activities in the Community Centre, such as dancing.

"I can't praise the Glasgow Life staff enough as their help and support throughout the pandemic allowed us to continue operating and provide this essential service for parents."    

Karen is pictured with some of her service users outside Barlanark Community Centre.